A selection of recorded and/or broadcasted collaborations in different musical areas...

Credit Project

Various Basses 


Bass & fretless.

ALEX WARNER "New CD" (2017)

Fretless bass & production.

"El Viaje del Libro" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2016)

Fretless bass.

FRANCESC MIRALLES "The 12 Autumns" (2016)

Bass, vocals & production.

Bass, vocals & production. THE DOG GONES E.P. (2016)

Bass & fretless.

JAMES LYNCH "New CD" (2017)


PABLO & the APPLEHEADS "Stars & Dots" CD (2014)

Fretless bass & Producer.


Bass & production.

MONICA GREEN "Natural Thing" CD (2012)

Fretless bass & lyrics.

TONI PAGÉS "Com els Número Verds…" CD (2012)

Live online streaming concert for Waju TV.

TORI SPARKS "Live Online" (2012)

Live concert recording for TV @ Razzmazz for BTV party.

TARANTINO BROS "BTV Concert XV Aniversari" (2012)

Bass, backing vocals, co-producer. 

CECE GIANNOTTI "The Space Between" CD (2012)

Fretless bass.

VICTOR BOCANEGRA "Villon, les Balades" (Nomada, 2011)


"Vlogger" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2011).


"Magic Journey to Africa" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2010)

Bass, backing vocals. 

CECE GIANNOTTI "Pivot Point LIVE" DVD (2010)

Bass & Irish bouzouki. 

CECE GIANNOTTI "Pivot Point" CD (2010)

Bass, keyboards, acoustic & electric guitars.

"HOTEL" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2010)

Bass, electric upright, acoustic bass. 

KOKE ALEJO "La Química del Sol" (2009)

Electric upright bass. 

VICTOR BOCANEGRA "Fonografies" (Agharta, 2007)


"The Nomad Experience" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2008)

Fretless bass, FX. 

08001 "Vorágine" (K-Industria, 2007)

Bass, fretless. 

ALEX WARNER "Green to Blue" (2007)

Producer, bass, 12 string guitar, backing vocals.

SACRED "Transitions" CD (Heaven Cross, 2007)

Recording of Christmas song CDs.

MONICA GREEN (2007-2012)

Recording of Christmas song CDs.

OPEN ARMS (2006-2008)


CATARS "Mosqueteros de Neptuno" (2006)
Bass, backing vocals, co-producer.  SUNSTATION "Sunstation" CD (2005)

Production, recording and engineering of radio play in English. 

"The Treasure of the Puta Madre" (Black Custard Theatre, 2005)

Fretless bass.

CECE GIANNOTTI "Noctámbulo" CD (Capità Planet, 2004)

Composition and arranging of TV jingles, curtains and incidental music. 

"Crónicas Marcianas" (Tele 5, 2003-7)

Acoustic bass, fretless. 

ALEX WARNER "Uncut Diamond" (2002)
Bass, fretless.  SORA "Djali Madi" (2000)
All I Got Big Mama's Door Dolça Ventafocs Por las Calles de Barna Wild Horses Señor Jou About to Come Alive You'll Come Back Petita Cosa Emprenyadora Send Me a Sign