Bass, vocals, song arranging, lyric writing, and molasses.

Eclectic, self-taught musician born in Nashville (TN); Joe is a live and studio player known to thrive on genuine American music - Blues, Funk, Soul, R&B, Rock... yet he also enjoys exploring creative & improvised music ranging from Jazz to ethnic & folk fusions, plus more in between.
He has absorbed master classes with bass legends Carol Kaye, Charles "Buster" Williams, Carles Benavent, Gary Willis and ASL. As bass player and backing vocalist, he's worked on over 40 independently-released recordings, including Cece Giannotti’s Pivot Point CD and DVD (Best Jazz album AMJM, 2010) and Victor Bocanegra’s Fonografies (finalist AMJM Jazz awards 2008). Joe has also composed for TV, advertising, short and feature films such as Magic Journey to Africa. A seasoned club and festival player, he's toured around Europe and Spain with projects and artists including Clarence Bekker, Monica GreenTori Sparks, 08001, Sunstation, and Sora among others. 

Currently, Joe collaborates with fusion trio Soül Food, blues roots project The Dog Gones, as well as other artists and projects, live and on recording sessions. On a side note, he's also published articles in Bass Player Magazine, Total Guitar (Spain), and co-wrote an instructional book for bass students in Spanish Principios Básicos del Bajo Eléctrico (Carisch). 

All I Got Big Mama's Door Dolça Ventafocs Por las Calles de Barna Wild Horses Señor Jou About to Come Alive You'll Come Back Petita Cosa Emprenyadora Send Me a Sign